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In the beginning, hair was not his profession. Spending most of his time working with fashion and playing soccer, Mikey looked at hair as a side hobby. In a short amount of time, this hobby turned into a self made career. Now he travels city to city, nationally and internationally to inspire and educate other professionals and future professionals in the hair industry. His mission is to "blurr out the line" between barbers and stylists. Bringing standards back to the industry while educating stylists and barbers on embracing their own image and using that to build not only their book, but their brand. He believes that "normal" needs to be redefined, rules were created to be broken, and boundaries were made to be crossed. He encourages freedom, and inspires stylists to believe in their own talent, by turning dreams into reality. Creating art, one head at a time. Its more than hair for Mikey, its a lifestyle.


Earlier Event: June 27
Later Event: January 31